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 Telehealth Platform

Provide parents/families a way to get help now!

Streamline initial consultation and feedback sessions

Interactively discuss a child’s profile with parents

Streamline the discovery-to-diagnosis process



Learning Library

Parent-Friendly Terminology

Practical Recommendations

CLEAR Diagnostic Services



Progress Management

Detailed Progress Monitoring per assessed domain or for all domains

Progress Reports

Clearly see both improvements and areas of concern; then concentrate on what matters most


Streamline Communications

With parents, teachers and others

Parent-friendly symptom descriptions and reports

Encourages parent involvement via their own use of CADE

Assists clinical decision making with reliable and accurate ASD scoring


Serve More Patients

Quickly identify challenges using  11 dimensions of analysis

Spend less time writing reports using push-of-a-button report generation

CADE’s comprehensive assessment means fewer tests to administer

Automated analysis aids your decision making process

Join the CLEAR Clinician Network for increased referrals


CLEAR Clinician Pricing

  • 30-day free trial
  • $50 monthly subscription
  • Unlimited Patients: Use for any number of patients
  • Unlimited Assessments: Have any number of assessments per patient
  • Cancel anytime – no obligation!

What’s Included With Your Subscription?

CLEAR Telehealth Platform

  • Assessment Automation using the CLEAR CADE evaluation
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Extensive Learning Library
  • Practical at-home and at-school recommendations
  • Monthly webinars from expert behavioral psychologists specializing in ASD
  • Access to CLEAR Professional Services

CLEAR Telehealth Platform

  • Automated reporting and report generation
  • Real-time analysis of symptoms
  • ASD scoring and analysis

CLEAR Clinician Network

  • Only available to CLEAR subscribers
  • CADE parents have access and are referred to our network providers


    Can be completed in less than an hour

    Instant analysis showing a child’s strengths and challenges

    Automated symptom assessment and family-friendly recommendations

    Re-assess in order to recognize new strengths and focus on remaining challenges

    Work collaboratively with parents and others for more meaningful conversations

    Dramatically reduces report-writing time

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