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CLEAR Parent Portal

  • Assessment Automation using the CLEAR CADE evaluation
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Extensive Learning Library
  • Practical at-home and at-school recommendations
  • Monthly webinars from expert behavioral psychologists
  • Access to CLEAR Professional Services

CLEAR Clinical Services

Coaching and Psychology Services
  • Only available to subscribers
  • On-demand help when you need it
  • Personally scheduled at $150/hour
Professional Diagnostic Evaluations
  • Only available with your monthly subscription
  • Professional diagnostic assessments 
  • ASD assessment and diagnosis
  • In select states only. Contact us for details

CLEAR CADE evaluation

Can be done by a parent in less than an hour

Instant analysis showing your child’s strengths and challenges

Practical, at-home and at-school recommendations that you can use now

Re-assess in order to recognize new strengths and focus on remaining challenges

Can be shared with your service providers for more meaningful conversations about your child

In-depth reporting when you need it!

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